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Perfect Gift Protecting your skin from the sun should always be a priority, whether you’re a beach bride or just a beach bum. Summers in Caribbean destinations are usually bright and hot and can sometimes be a shock to travelers who aren’t used to the heat. You could lock yourself up in your room with all the shades drawn like a modern day Rapunzel until your wedding day or you could fully embrace the gorgeous weather and get a little sun safely.  We want your beautiful bridal skin to be just as perfect as your beautiful beach wedding; so we’ve put together some helpful (and skin saving) tips to keep your skin glowing (in a good way) on the day of your wedding! All tips are dermatologist approved.

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  • Sunblock vs. Sunscreen- it’s not the same thing (yeah we were surprised too)! Sunblocks are highly effective in protecting against both UVA and UVB rays, the types of UV radiation that cause sunburn and skin cancer, and often appear thick and white on the skin. Sunscreens tend to be less visible on the skin and contain benzophenones which protect against UVA rays, and cinnamates and salicylates, which protect against UVB rays also but allows the skin to absorb more sunlight making it better for safe tanning. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using sunblock with an SPF rating of at least 15. People with fair skin or at high risk for skin cancer may want to go higher; the higher the SPF the longer (and better) the protection.
  • Apply sunscreen/block before heading out into the sun. While your skin is cool and ready to absorb, apply sunscreen at least 20 mins before heading out into the sun. Make sure apply sunscreen as your first layer, before insect replants, lotion etc.
  • Your dress may be the first thing your guests notice, but your face is the first thing your groom will notice. Keep your face sweet and burn-free with SPF cosmetics. When choosing and testing your makeup for your wedding look, choose finishing powder from your favorite line with SPF in it.  The same goes for your daytime moisturizer. During your regular skin care morning routine, after you cleanse your face, use your SPF moisturizer and let it sit for a while; then apply your makeup. To get that sun-kissed look on your face without risking sunburn, use a bronzing powder on your face and neck.

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  • SPF tinted balm! Yes, your beautiful lips can become brittle and dried out if you don’t protect them (also, eww!) Lips often go neglected because the skin becomes such a priority, but your lips receive just as much sun as your cheeks do and are more sensitive to the sun as well. Soft and luscious sun-free lips make for a more memorable “first kiss” as husband and wife.
  • After you return from your day in the sun and shower off your sunscreen, grab a thick body moisturizer, preferably with aloe and moisturize your entire body; yes even the parts we can’t see. It’s very important to replenish the moisture the sun drained from your skin during the day. Over exposure to the sun can make your skin appear shriveled and leathery and no one wants to look like a football-raisin on their wedding day (unless that’s the look you’re going for; we won’t judge).
  • Sun Hats are more than just chic poolside accessories. The wide brimmed hats protect your entire face and neck and can provide up to 50 UPF sun protection. If you don’t own a wide brimmed hat check out your on resort gift shop. So your pool checklist should read as follows; kindle, sunblock, towel, bikini, Bahama mama cocktail and wide brimmed hat!